Hello First Parish

Honoring our Church School Teachers (above photo)

The second semester of RE classes is underway! From Pete Seeger to Wicca traditions and questions of Why go to church?, our students are reflecting on the past, taking perspective, and asking big questions. We look forward to continuing our journey as we head into what we hope will be a warm (and snow-free) rest of spring!

Our youngest class spent time creating personalized UU superhero wands to kick off the new semester. The end of the year will be capped by the creation of well-earned superhero capes that will highlight all of the UU values and exemplary character traits that our young people express everyday. The “in between” lessons involve delving deeper into the lives of popular and famous UU superheroes. Clara Barton’s lesson was made complete with mock first aid and our very own head nurse! So many Unitarian Universalists have positively shaped the landscape of society and culture and we are thankful to have the opportunity to explore their lives in fun and creative ways.

Our Questing Year students have spent time considering what makes each of them unique, while also part of a larger group, our UU group! Students have spent time deconstructing our UU Mystery poem and acting portions of it out for each other, not a straight-forward task by any measure! Students also dug into the question of “Why go to church?” With UU members all having so many different beliefs and faith backgrounds, what unites us? Why are we here? And more importantly, what do you believe as a Questing Year student? All of these questions were part of a larger discussion that will continue as the year progresses.

Our Neighboring Faiths class had a visit from Erin Puleio who taught them about Wicca beliefs and traditions. Julia Traggorth has also spent time working with the students around the Quaker faith. Our students have scheduled visits to the Shambhala Center in Boston, as well as the Islamic Center in Quincy, and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Scituate. Students continue to reflect on various faith traditions, comparing and contrasting beliefs, rituals, symbols, and the like. The semester will culminate in a self-reflection and creation of personal credos.

Youth Group participated in a CON in Sharon from March 24-25. The CON organizers arranged for students to attend the gun violence rally on that day as well. We are grateful for their flexibility and creativity in making both events possible. Youth Group is also coordinating a youth-led service at Channing Church in Rockland on April 22. This is a win-win for everyone, as Channing is without a minister and this is an excellent opportunity for the teens to take a leadership role!

With great hope for a wonderful RE spring season! Jessie


Director of Religious Education